Orange drizzle delight
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Orange drizzle delight

From lemon drizzle to orange delight…another drizzle!

Well I warned you! After my lemon drizzle comes an orange-tastic delight and I predict that before long they’ll also be a grapefruit version joining the family! What I really loved about making this cake the first time round was just how simple it was. One bowl. All the ingredients together. And mix. This really … Continue reading

Lasagne layered with erbette

Family-friendly Lasagne layered with erbette

Lasagne is a classic Italian dish that has been replicated the world over, given fancy twists, as well as the odd badly thought out massacre and yet it remains one of the most satisfying dishes both as a winter dinner or a summer dish with salad. Its comfort food at its best. It’s a great … Continue reading

Chicken, Leek & Celeriac Pie

Chicken, Leek & Celeriac Pie for National Pie Week

So it’s National Pie Week and I love pie and have some left over roast chicken to finish so it feels like something of a no-brainer to rustle up a little something. A good hearty pie is equal to a good roast dinner to my mind with the added bonus of pastry! If I indulged … Continue reading

Tomato sundried tomato & basil

Hugh’s 3 simple things in a salad; tomato, bread and olive oil salad

One of the few cookery programs that I really fell in love with last year was Hugh’s 3 good things with chef Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall. Each week Hugh and 2 guest chefs competed to win the best recipes using just 3 ingredients and it was this simplicity that really appealed. Many of the combinations in … Continue reading

Date Abricot Tea loaf 2

Date and Apricot Teabread

My local fruit and vege shop recently had a delivery of the most delicious dates from Israel and whilst I am a fan of local produce and zero kilometer etc I have to confess to positively drooling over these dates and subsequently purchasing a whole kilo for way too much money! Now these dates were … Continue reading

Octopus & Potato Salad

Braised Octopus and potato salad

The mediterranean diet has long been a fan of octopus but whilst squid and calamari have become a popular in the uk we are still reluctant to embrace the larger octopus for some reason. Maybe its the tentacles?! Since living in Italy I have become a huge fan of octopus as it is generally meatier … Continue reading

Lemon Drizzle Cake

A Lemony drizzley dream!

I recently revived my childhood favourite dessert of Lemon meringue pie and whilst on a roll with my love of lemons I have since turned to a Mary Berry Lemon Drizzle dream. The great thing with a tray bake, as I discovered, is that you literally bung all in the ingredients together and beat. Hooray! … Continue reading


Chilli minestrone with wholemeal bread and Parmesan

Soup, soup, soup….I love a good soup! With winter finally kicking in (it’s snowing!) after some unseasonably balmy weather what better excuse for a good soup. I never follow recipes as I like my soups to be a bit of a pick and mix so they tend to reflect the contents of my fridge on … Continue reading


New year, new me, with a side of lemon meringue pie

So I’m a little late coming to the “new year” blog party but as with all good resolutions I’ve been throwing myself into a new running routine and get fit regime. So far so good! It doesn’t of course mean that I haven’t been cooking or eating but I have been falling back on old … Continue reading


Pomegranate Pavlova

Ever since Vincent Simone innocently referred to “par-lava” as “all a bit of a pavlova” on this years series of “I’m a celebrity” we’ve fondly been using the reverse, as in anyone for a piece of par-lava, when serving pavlova. My husband has been known for a few comical lost in translation moments…dodgy bag for … Continue reading


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